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Below are a few products I believe no cat owner should be without…

Kids ‘N’ Pets Pet Stain and Odor Remover

Hands down, this is the absolute best pet stain remover on the planet – we go through this stuff by the gallon!  From pee to poop to even blood, this enzyme eats up the stain and helps eliminate the odors in minutes.

We highly recommend this product for cats… and just about everything else that leaves stains!

GoCat Da Bird Rod and Feather Cat Toy

Da Bird is absolutely the most favorite toy of each of our furry kids!  This simple, handmade toy is basically a sturdy plastic rod attached to a strong string with a feather toy at the other end.  Our cats go nuts when we bring this toy out to play with them, leaping into the air to catch their feathered prey!

We highly recommend this product for cats!

Cat Lax Hairball Formula by Dechra

Cats love to groom themselves, and that means sooner or later they are going to develop hairballs.

Cat Lax is a white petroleum based feline laxative that helps move the hairballs through the cat’s system so they can poop them out rather than puke them up.  It is flavored to taste like fish, so most of our cats will readily eat it when offered, otherwise you just put a bit on their paw and they will lick it off.

We highly recommend this product for cats!

Cosequin for Cats

We have been using this supplement for our senior cats for years.  It makes a major difference in their lives, alleviating many of the symptoms of feline arthritis and other joint issues. 

When we adopted Abbie, a senior cat of at least 13 years, she could barely move about the house.  After we started giving her a capsule of Cosequin at breakfast, and another at dinner, she was literally jumping up an down off the couch and pouncing around the house like a spring chicken!

We highly recommend this product for senior cats!

Colloidal Silver for Dogs & Cats by Vet Recommended

Cats tend to be pretty active and that means the occasional cuts and scrapes.  Just like with people, colloidal silver is one of the best topical solutions to prevent infections.

We use Colloidal Silver for Dogs & Cats by Vet Recommended (that’s it’s brand name) with our cats every time they get a boo-boo.  It sprays right on and doesn’t cause them any pain (it feels very much just like water).  We’ve had cats with infections due to damaged claws or bad cuts, and spraying this on them two or three times a day, for a few days in a row, usually heals them right up.

We highly recommend this product for cats!

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