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Cat Behavior Issues – With Free eBook!

Cat Behavior Issues – With Free EBook!

There is more to cats than the cuddly and lovable pets who purr on one corner of the house. At times, they can be a menace to housekeeping too. Scratches in furniture, broken ornaments, and ruined stockings are just a few things that misbehaving cats can do.

There are reasons why cats misbehave. And by knowing these reasons, cat owners can be capable of controlling their pets’ actions.

Here are some things about cats which cause misbehaviors together with tips on how to make them behave.

Moses, our Manx who doesn't like to use the litter box.

Cats misbehave when they are bored.

Cats that don’t have much to do have no choice but to do obnoxious things. They may be looking for attention, or they just needed something to do to spend their energy.

Whatever the case may be, these can be solved by allotting time for your cat to play with you. However, do not do this immediately after your cat misbehaved. Your cat will associate its misbehavior with you giving it more attention.

Cleo, my mother-in-law's kitty with spinal issues and incontinence - hence, the plastic sheet on the bed.

Cats are naturally nocturnal animals.

Cats are more active during nighttime. They can do more exciting activities by that time.

With this in mind, make your cat busy in the morning. By doing this, the cat will be too exhausted to do things when it is time for his owners to sleep.

Trouble always comes in threes.

Cats misbehave when they are sexually-driven.

Expect misbehavior when cats feel that it is time to mate. Expect a lot of misbehavior for cats who are confined inside their homes when it happens!

Surgical procedures can be done to prevent misbehaviors caused by sexual urges. Female cats can undergo spaying; male cats can undergo neutering.

Where we hide our litter box in the RV.

Cats misinterpret owners’ reaction to its misbehavior.

Owners usually get mad when their pets misbehave. But they are vague in telling their pets that they are mad. When owners reprimand their pets for misbehaving, cats think that their owners just want to play with them.

Our Manx, Moses, won't pee in the litter box... but he will pee on incontinence pads.

Owners must be clear with their reactions. If their pets misbehave, owners would make it clear that it is a punishment and not a game.

Remember that cats seek reward. They avoid punishment. Do not make misbehaving enjoyable to your cat by giving it a lot of attention when it happens.

By associating punishment for misbehaving cats learn what should not be done.

Incontinence pad under the litter box so Moses has somewhere to pee.

Cats enjoy playing with certain things in the house.

There are things that cats love. It may be a curtain, or a pillow.

The good thing is they hate certain smells too. Spray unpleasant smells on those things to keep cats away.

Sometimes, cats may have medical issues.

This is the case with our little Manx, Moses.  The numerous surgeries he had to finally alleviate an internal infection near his bladder, combined with having a urethra that needed to be enlarged, has pretty much scared him from ever wanting to use the litter box again.  Instead, we have to place incontinence pads on the floor, and surrounding the litter box, to give him somewhere to relieve himself.

However, not all cats that spray outside the box are suffering from medical issues – some just have behavioral issues that can be modified through natural supplements, herbs and training.

If you have a kitty that falls into this category, you might benefit from one of the methods below…


This method uses behavior modification and herbal supplements to get your kitty to stop spraying outside the box.

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This method uses behavior modification to get your kitty to stop spraying outside the box.

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