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Meet Moses

Meet Moses

In 2005, shortly before a tropical storm was about to hit our area in North Florida, my wife got a call from from her mother saying she saw some kittens running around in front of the local post office, and she was pretty sure they had been abandoned by their mommy cat.  We rushed out and what ensued was a nearly three hour hunt through chest-high, prickly bushes, in 90 degree tropical weather, trying to catch two very fast tabby kittens that were master evaders.

After an exhausting chase, I drove down to the Publix grocery store and bought an (overpriced) piece of salmon to lure them out with.  Sure enough, worn-down from the chase, the two hungry kittens let their tummy’s overrule their fear and they came out of hiding and paused long enough to eat some yummy fish.  We took advantage of their hunger and snatched them up.  That’s how we added Moses and Elijah to our tribe.

Moses... the early years

Moses in his kitty tower

Moses in the garden

Moses at the vet

Moses home from a trip to the vet

Moses playing with Da Bird

Moses playing with Da Bird

Moses, and his liter mate Elijah, were both very feral at first, but warmed up to us after a few days of being offered yummy food.  Both kitties had a lot of energy and a lot of purr-sonality! But something was not quite right with Moses.  He was slowly becoming a very lethargic, unhappy kitty.

Moses was spending more and more time just sitting around rather than playing like his furry adopted brothers and sisters.  He would get a bit cranky, and he even escaped out the front door and ran off a few times (though we discovered he was just isolating himself under the apartment house).

One of the times he was hiding under the house, I managed to get a hold of him and was walking back towards the front door when the neighbor’s dog decided to start barking at us.  Moses was so frightened he bit right through my hand, causing me to release him, then he ran off back under the house.  My hand swelled up like a balloon until I got the painful infection under control, and I still have the scars to remind me of that day.

We soon discovered that Moses, our lovable little Manx kitty, had some serious urinary tract issues that were leading to urinary related infections… and to make matters worse, he developed crystals in his urine. 

In addition, it turned out that his urethra was not wide enough for him to pee properly and apparently caused him some discomfort.  All these issues cause him to no longer want to pee in the litter box, but rather he chose pretty much every rug and carpet in the house to use as a pee-pee pad.

It took quite a few expensive trips to multiple vets, and a couple of pricey surgeries, over a period of about 5 years, before we got a proper diagnoses.  Finally, we were able to get his problems fixed, and once that last surgery was done it was like Moses had transformed into a whole new cat!  He was happy, playful, super mushy and full of energy.

The only downside to the issue was that he still wouldn’t pee in the litter box.  But, we managed to solve that issue by purchasing some absorbent pads.  I wasn’t crazy about the smells that the “pet pads” seem to have inherent in them, so we started purchasing pads for incontinent people – McKesson Ultra Pads.  Moses took right to them, rather than using our rugs.  They were way larger than the pet pads, so Moses had more room to get comfortable when he went potty.  For the time being, it seemed like we had solved Moses’ issues.

Later down the road we had a new issue with Moses.  He had lost his appetite for a few days, then his fur just started falling off in clumps.  After further inspection from mommy, he had a swollen lump in his throat that she suspected was a thyroid issue.

We made another unfruitful trip to a vet who’s first suggestion was to try to change his food to a “thyroid friendly” formula.  When that didn’t work, we scoured the internet to do some research on our own.  One expensive medical option we discovered, but could not afford, was radioactive iodine treatment for cats.

So, it was back to the internet for even more research.. .and that’s when mommy discovered a thyroid supplement called Thyroid Support Gold by Pet Wellbeing.  According to the Amazon reviews, it was supposed to work miracles.  We ordered it and it arrived two days later.  Sure enough, it worked!

After a few days of doses, Moses’ thyroid had stopped swelling, his appetite was back, and he started to regrow his fur.  He’s had a few bouts with thyroid issues since then, but each time we notice his thyroid swelling up, we just give him a few more doses of the Thyroid Support Gold and he is good to go!

Aside from being a tailless Manx, another one of Moses’ characteristics is his cute little “teddy bear” shaped face.  He’s managed to earn two different nicknames due to his adorable features – sometime we call him “Teddy Bear Kitty”, but my favorite nickname for him is “Fuzzy Butt” due to the little tuft of fuzzy fur at the end of the nub that sits in place of his tail.

Moses is a bit of a love sponge, much like his brother, Elijah.  When he wants love he will come over to you, stand on his back legs, put his front paws on you and meow to let you know he’s there.  He loves having his face and neck scratched, and has even learned to tolerate me rubbing his belly, but like his brother Elijah he does not like to be picked up at all.

Like his adopted brothers and sister, he loves playing outside (especially with Da Bird).  Sometime when he’s outside, he has this interesting behavior where he will run a long lap, howling all the way just like Dino on the Flintstones.  When he does this we call him “Wild Cat”.  Poor Moses has so many different nicknames, it’s a wonder he responds to them all!

Moses may have had a very difficult youth, but he has become one big, fuzzy bundle of love in his later years.

Thyroid Support Gold for Cats by Pet Wellbeing

We have been using this supplement for our cat, Moses, for many years.  Moses started having severe thyroid issues (you can feel a cat’s thyroid gland swell up in their neck) that lead to loss in appetite, loss of fur (not shedding, but complete loss of fur in many places on his body) and overall lethargy.

At our vet’s suggestion, we tried a bunch of different foods that were supposed to help, but got nowhere with the issues.  So, we did some research on our own and discovered this amazing product.  A few drops of this in his food every day got him back on track really quick – his fur grew back, his appetite returned, and he had loads of energy again.

Since then, we just keep an eye on Moses’s thyroid gland, and when it appears to be swelling up we just give him a few drops of the supplement in his food and all is well!

We highly recommend this product for cats with thyroid issues!

McKesson Ultra Underpads

We have had a few kitties that just wouldn’t use the litter box for one reason or another.  One of them was our senior cat, Abbie, who was becoming pretty much incontinent during her last years.  The other cat we’ve had problems with is Moses, who’s had a number of urinary tract issues. 

We compared “pet pads” to “people pads” and found that McKesson offers a product that is just as good as the leading “pet pads”, but much larger and without the scent (odor) that pet pads seem to have.  Plus, the price was about the same.

We’ve been using these pads for a few years now, and the incontinent kitties easily learned to use the pad when they didn’t want to use their liter box.  Plus, they work great when you put one inside your pet carrier before taking your cat to the vet or on a road trip (trips in the car always seem to result in unexpected peeing and puking).

We highly recommend this product for incontinent cats!

GoCat Da Bird Rod and Feather Cat Toy

Da Bird is absolutely the most favorite toy of each of our furry kids!  This simple, handmade toy is basically a sturdy plastic rod attached to a strong string with a feather toy at the other end.  Our cats go nuts when we bring this toy out to play with them, leaping into the air to catch their feathered prey!

We highly recommend this product for cats!

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